Lenny's E​.​P.

by Green Andy

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Time passes as time does Pretty soon you'll forget the buzz Smells and odors they bother you less You won't bother to pick up the mess Time passes as time does Everything isn't what it was You start to choke where you used to swallow You used to lead but now you follow Time passes as time does No reason, it's just because It's time to stop and take a nap Maybe another one after that
Elbow Dick 03:55
Elbow Dick you've got it rough Elbow Dick just wants some love Elbow Dick you try and try Elbow Dick tear in your eye Elbow Dick he don't floss Elbow Dick he tried he lost Elbow Dick is last in line Elbow Dick he falls behind Elbow Dick can't make the score Elbow Dick can't take no more Elbow Dick he's got no game Elbow Dick is not his name Elbow Dick has dreams that soar Elbow Dick he hits the floor Elbow Dick he lets it roar Elbow Dick it rains it pours Elbow Dick he don't mean harm Elbow Dick has got no charm Elbow Dick can't meet and greet Elbow Dick stares at his feet Elbow Dick's a childhood name Elbow Dick's his longtime shame Elbow Dick makes hard right turns Elbow Dick he never learns Elbow Dick loves Taco Bell Elbow Dick he caused that smell Elbow Dick he won't play ball Elbow Dick won't talk at all Elbow Dick engenders hate Elbow Dick is gaining weight Elbow Dick won't spare a soul Elbow Dick he lacks control Elbow Dick ticks like a bomb Elbow Dick with much aplomb Elbow Dick he disappoints Elbow Dick has double joints Elbow Dick he cries and wails Elbow Dick to no avail Elbow Dick trangresses well Elbow Dick is going to hell Elbow Dick leaves naught behind Elbow Dick he doesn't mind Elbow Dick he takes the slings Elbow Dick and other things Elbow Dick no longer cares Elbow Dick's no longer there
I’ve got a big intuition you’re a better sister than me I’ve got a big intuition that I just burned the dinner and we’re Gonna have to go out to eat I’ve got a big intuition that this CD’s a pirate And I think that if you try it you’ll get us both arrested Got a big intuition that you’re a better sister than me


Every time a bell rings, another Green Andy album is made.


released July 27, 2019

Green, with the assistance of Andy.


all rights reserved



Green Andy New York, New York

Oh, I'm just a guy. I make music. You know, the usual.

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